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Running an online business isn't easy, especially when you're taking care of order processing, packing, and shipping on your own. eBay sellers in particular face challenges like choosing a shipping carrier, trying to ship everything from home, and competing with other eBay businesses that offer free shipping. 

Working with a 3PL provider as your third-party fulfillment partner can help ease some of the strain of managing your eBay business or other online selling platforms and allow you to focus on growing your business and getting your customer ratings up, as well as save you time and money. Here at NextGen3PL, we can assist with all your eBay fulfillment needs and help your business flourish. If you plan to grow your online presence using a website like eBay, or if you'd like some help to manage your eBay store, take a look at why partnering with us as your eBay fulfillment provider might be the right choice for you.

Is my inventory is in safe hands?

We'll take care of everything from storage, to picking and packing, to shipping your orders in a timely and efficient manner. Our warehouse locations are built to accommodate your products and any special instructions you may have, including special materials for packages, temperature-controlled areas, or security features.

eBay customers and other online buyers expect fast delivery these days, and with storage, packing, and shipping in our hands, you can count on a quicker delivery. We have a rigorous organizational system to keep track of all inventory and when each product enters and leaves our shelves, so mistakes and mix-ups are less likely to happen and won't slow down the delivery process. In addition, we offer 2-day shipping and a variety of other shipping options to fulfill your needs.

How can I reach a wider population of buyers?

With multiple warehouse locations across the U.S., you can count on wider coverage for your eBay orders. Each warehouse space is equipped with the tools to ship your inventory quickly and efficiently. Our main warehouses are located in locations across the US. See the bottom of the page for specific eBay fulfillment centers.

With more storage space and a wider range of locations, we're able to reach customers from all over the country more quickly and ensure they receive their full eBay orders on time and in pristine condition.

Utilizing our order fulfillment services is cost effective

More coverage means less distance for your inventory to travel, which in turn means quicker delivery, higher customer satisfaction, and lower shipping costs--even allowing some clients to qualify for free shipping. In addition, you can save money on storage and packaging because we provide a fulfillment center for storing all of your inventory, as well as package all inventory from your eBay store according to your instructions. By working with us as your fulfillment provider, you can reduce costs and put your savings toward further growing your own web store and your overall eBay business.

Ebay Fulfillment

We can guarantee expertise and a high-quality fulfillment job

Want to see your company sales rise? Have a question about the fulfillment process or how your inventory is being packaged? Need to include special instructions with one of your sales before it's shipped? All these benefits and more are included when working with us as your fulfillment provider. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have and follow all your special requests, and our warehouse workers are organized and efficient to make sure you sell and ship to customers faster.

  • Save money

    3PL companies often negotiate better pricing for shipping companies than individual businesses, so working with a 3PL company can actually save businesses money. In addition, private businesses don’t need to buy their own storage or warehouse space because 3PL companies have their own. 

  • Save time

    When working with a 3PL company, businesses don’t have to spend time packaging or preparing their products for shipping.

  • Guarantee a better customer experience

    Businesses are often under a lot of pressure to organize all aspects of their business themselves, including shipping items to customers. That pressure can be reduced significantly by utilizing the services of a 3PL company. Beyond storing and preparing products for delivery, many 3PL companies offer same- or next-day shipping. This ensures a high-quality customer experience and guarantees that packages will be delivered on time and in excellent condition.

  • Minimize overall risk to businesses

    To further reduce the stressors of running a business, 3PL companies can take care of any issues with products that have gone through their system. For example, if there is a shipping delay, it is the responsibility of the 3PL provider to manage new shipping arrangements for that order. This system of responsibility also ensures that businesses are protected in case of lost or damaged goods.

  • Gain industry knowledge

    By working with a 3PL company, businesses gain insight into the industry and are further rewarded with more knowledge and experience within the world of eCommerce. Businesses are encouraged to talk to professionals at 3PL companies to learn more and ask any questions they may have. Gaining industry knowledge and asking questions allows businesses to stay up-to-date with modern company trends, including current technology, marketing procedures, and shipping logistics in general.

  • Experience flexibility to scale operations

    3PL companies use technology to determine scale space, labor, and transportation for their business partners. This flexibility allows for quick adjustments to new trends and markets as businesses continuously grow, change, and improve.

We are flexible and work with you to find a fulfillment system that's right for your company

Don't worry about hidden fees or sudden cancellations. We'll work with you to find the best fulfillment arrangement for your business, whether you require kit assembly services, special packaging, shipping and delivery, or inspection. We can help with high volume products, as well as valuable items which require fast shipping or warehouse security. We also handle all inspections of products before shipping to make sure no items are damaged or lost and to help avoid split shipments. Many fulfillment companies only provide a limited number of fulfillment services, but we're committed to finding a system that will fulfill all your needs and leaves your customers 100% satisfied with their eBay orders.

We handle all returns

In the world of eCommerce and online buyers, returns are bound to happen. But no need to worry--we handle all returns with a simple and efficient returns processing system. All packages shipped from our warehouses come with tracking information so that customers know when their orders are shipped, and this information is also essential on our end for staying organized and keeping track of returns. In the event that a purchase needs to be returned, all items are returned directly to our warehouse. We handle all customer service and put returns back in our inventory system and storage as soon as possible to get them back on the shelves and ready for another buyer.

Managing your eBay platform or online marketplace can prove challenging, especially once orders start piling up and customers expect fast, free shipping. Working with a third-party fulfillment provider for eBay fulfillment services can provide many benefits, such as saving you time, money, and effort and allowing you to focus on expanding your business even further. When you partner with our experts at NextGen3PL, you can rest assured that your products are in safe hands and that your clients will be 100% satisfied with their orders. And, satisfied customers are more likely to order from you again--which further increases your sales.


Have any questions? Still not sure if a fulfillment partner or an eBay fulfillment service is right for you? Our experts are happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have!




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