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NextGen3PL handles ocean freight and drayage from all of the major ports in the world.

Our warehouses have a very large and scalable capacity to store all types of freight.

Make NextGen3PL your freight and drayage partner and unlock access to our in house trucking and reliable logistics to the warehouse of your choosing!

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Serving the Port of Los Angeles, The Port of Long Beach, and most ports along the Western Seaboard.

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After Your Container Arrives...Where is it Going?

Freight Services

 We are able to look at your freight and figure out the dimensional weight if it applies and plan a shipping solution for you. Whether you are shipping international, or heavyweight oversized items, or lightweight under a pound package, we can design solution that works for you.
If you have freight coming in internationally, we can help with all ocean freight needs. Once your freight comes into one of the major US ports, we can manage the Drayage. NextGen3PL also has our own trucking fleet to pick up your freight.

What We Do

  • Sustainable Drayage Solutions and A Team of Drayage Experts
    NextGen3PL is fast and reliable partner. We can help manage your container movements and keep your freight moving through the ports. Our experience and environmentally friendly fleet is an asset in moving our customers’ freight in and out of ports with efficiency. Our offices and secure drop yards are conveniently located in close proximity to the major ports heads in an effort to facilitate timely service for our customers.
  • Fleet of Trucks
    We understand that our drivers are the key to our success. At NextGen3PL, the recruiting and retention of our fleet of drivers is a top priority. We maintain a good balance of owner-operators and company drivers to help manage our customers’ peaks and valleys. Having a fleet of trucks allows us to be responsive and flexible with our customers’ freight service needs
  • Container Storage Solutions
    Our complete warehousing solution is trusted worldwide by top leading brands. All of our locations are fully equipped to handle your freight container storage needs. We are able to quickly respond to and create a plan for your freight storage needs.

Who Are We?

At NextGen3PL our professional staff works passionately to ensure that your freight gets from point A to point B without you having to break a sweat. Our experienced staff is trained to handle every step of the process and ensure there are no speed bumps along the way. You will experience hassle-free transportation and enjoy an easy and painless process. Our team will monitor your freight shipment around the clock by working 365 days a year and working extended hours. We are always ready to answer any freight service questions that you may have.


What is Freight and What are Freight Services?

Freight is defined as the products or goods that are transported in bulk by either air, land, or sea. Freight Services refers to the management of the transportation of freight. Freight is usually divided into air freight and freight shipments. Before transport, freight shipments are then further divided into several categories, depending on the type of freight, the size of the shipment, and the duration of the transportation. Air freight tends to be transported much faster, which can be attributed to the use of a plane as opposed to a slower transportation option such as truck or ship. Freight may be handled by the company who owns the goods or by a third party company. NextGen3PL acts as a third party to manage the freight services for our customers.

What’s the Difference Between Freight and Shipping?

The terms “Freight” and “shipping” are often uncommonly used interchangeably. Fright and Shipping are different, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. While both freight and shipping can be used to define the transportation of goods, freight refers to a larger quantity of products while shipping refers to a smaller quantity of products. Also, freight is generally used for commercial purposes. Additionally, while shipping deals with a smaller quantity of goods, shipping can often be more expensive than freight due to the cost savings of transporting large quantities of goods in bulk. This is similar to how there is a cost savings to buying goods in bulk as opposed to buying them individually. Additionally due to the size, freight cannot be transported by traditional shipping services and companies. A freight forwarding serves needs to be used.

What is NextGen3PL and How Do We Provide Freight Services?

We are a licensed transportation logistics broker. We provide local and regional ground transportation and drayage services! At NextGen3PL, we are able to look at your freight, figure out the dimensional weight if it applies, and then plan a shipping solution that works best for you. Whether you are transporting freight internationally, dealing with heavyweight oversized items, or looking for the best options for lightweight packages, we can help design a shipping solution that is right for you.

How Do Freight Services Add Value to Businesses?

As your business grows, especially if it is a small business, it is important to team up with a with a freight service company that can streamline your processes while staying within your budget. These companies can provide you with access to their expertise and resources which will help you maximize your freight quality and efficiency.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    By investing in low quality carriers, companies take on the risk the of their freight being damaged, arriving late, or never arriving at all. If your goods arrive to your clients damaged, you are the one who suffers the consequences of customer complaints and a poor customer experience. Choosing a freight service based on experience and quality will put you in a position for a higher standard experience. Freight services tend to work with quality and efficient carriers in order to provide satisfactory service to their customers. This will give you piece of mind that your freight transportation is in good hands.

  • Save Time

    Don’t waste your time worrying about freight. Team up with a provider like Next Gen that has the experience and ability to keep up with the needs of your company. We will be with you as you continue to grow.

  • Save Money

    One of the most common mistakes that companies make when overseeing their own freight is hiring poor quality carriers in order to save money. By teaming up with a freight service, you are giving your business access to a team with the experience in the industry. They can help you discover the right methods of shipping, find trustworthy carriers, and provide you with the best quote for your needs. Depending on the size of your business, that could result in significant savings. Since freight service companies can be competitive, it makes it easier to find efficient rates.

What are some challenges facing the freight service industry?

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The most common currency used for international trading is the US dollar. The exchange rates of the US dollar fluctuates on a daily basis, which impacts the freight rates as they could change at any time.

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Fuel Price Fluctuations

When international oil prices change, the direct impact of those price fluctuations are felt by the freight service provider. Higher fuel costs directly impact the total transportation cost. In order to manage the costs of rising fuel prices and surcharges, companies who handle freight services need to add those costs into the freight rates they charge their clients. The change in costs also impacts the demand of freight services. All of these things take a toll on those working in the freight industry.

Minimum Pick and Pack Fee

Seasons have a significant role to play in the cost transportation of freight as some goods become highly expensive to transport during certain seasons due to supply and demand changes. In addition to raising the cost of goods, seasons can impact the cost of freight transportation. During times of bad weather, a lot of smaller ships are forced to be docked and cannot transport any freight. Larger ships are better equipped to handle rough weather, but due to the supply decrease of ships, they may charge higher prices. Ships may also become damaged during seasons of bad weather, and ship maintenance can add to the overall freight transportation cost.

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International Fees and Service Charges

Different countries have different fees that need to be paid both at the onboarding point and the destination. Ships that are unable to pay the service or docking charges are forced to remain at sea. The charges differ by port, the lack of consistent standards can lead to a problem in the industry.

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Container Capacity

Containers are designed to be used at maximum capacity, so if a container is not filled to capacity then the shipper has to cover the cost of the empty space. This can lead to an increase in the cost of goods. The goods that are there will cover the cost of the goods that are not there.

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Staff Shortage & Retention

Due to uncertainty within the industry, there is major hiring and retention issue. Due to the aforementioned seasonal changes, smaller ships can only work during some seasons. Because of these reasons, many people are afraid to get into the freight service industry.

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Government Regulations

There are constant regulations that are imposed on freight carriers at the federal, state, and local levels. These regulations can be extremely strict, and compliance failure can cost carriers a lot of money, which in turn adds to the cost issue in the freight industry.

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Environmental Issues

There are also environmental issues to face in the freight service industry. Authorities are constantly creating new environmental regulations to manage pollution and global warming. Freight service companies but comply with these regulations. Sometimes, the costs of complying with certain environmental regulations outweigh the benefits.

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Transport Infrastructure Issues

There is a problem in the industry with the transport infrastructure. Not all the roads and channels used by the freight transport service are in ideal condition. Despite the fact that most freight service providers communicate and share information with each other, there is still a need to keep roads and other transportation routes in shape. This allows deliveries to execute on time and prevent breakdown issues. This would also decrease maintenance costs.

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Ocean Volatility

A lot of freight is transported by sea. This can be a highly unstable transportation channel as there are different elements that that can impact the cost. The constant rate changes makes it harder for freight services companies to provide their clients with consistent quotes. There are also the challenges of dealing with tides, waves, and the potential to get stuck or sink in the ocean. Additionally, the threat of piracy is very rampant in some areas and considerably threatens workers and businesses.

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Many customers view transportation as a commodity. They do not value the importance to the service and are only concerned with the prices. This makes it hard for freight service providers to differentiate between themselves amongst their competition in the marketplace.

Looking for a custom quote?

Whether you need help with fulfillment, freight, warehousing, or back office work, NextGen3PL has you covered. With our rapidly expanding footprint, we have the room to help your growth. Our successful results are the reason why we are expanding. As our clients continue to be successful, we are able to expand and grow with them. We achieve success by acting as a true partner for our clients. Our goal is to give our clients the success that they desire. We conduct ourselves with integrity and strive to satisfy of the needs of our customers, associates, owners, suppliers, and the community. We have a team of drayage experts, a fleet of trucks, and over million square feet of state-of-the-art facilities that are strategically located for our customers’ convenience. Contact the NextGen3PL team to build out a plan to meet your freight needs today. We are always ready to answer any freight questions you may have.

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