Shipping Cost

How to Calculate Shipping Cost

In the world of eCommerce business fulfillment and online shopping, it’s important to calculate more than just the price of the products you’re shipping to customers. Read more here.

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How Does 3PL Work with NextGen3PL?

NextGen3PL (the east coast subsidiary of Pixior) is a 3PL Logistics company. It’s a 3PL for providing fulfillment for eCommerce, storage, and warehousing for e-commerce. NextGen3PL has reduced shipping rates and we are certified as an Amazon Prime Fulfillment Center. NextGen3PL utilizes complex software to pick inventory for distribution and create efficiencies for shipping with all…


Comparing 3PL to 4PL

Finding a quality logistics company can be an important step for your business to become more efficient. These types of companies can help you deliver your product to your customers leveraging their much larger systems than a small business owner could ever imagine affording. There are several types of logistics services that are available on…

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a flexible business model that has seen a boom in Google inquiries over the last 5 years. This shipping and logistics model allows you to launch your business without having to purchase items or hold inventory of your products. You only need to find a supplier and a logistics partner and from there simply drive…

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What is Coming Next for E-Commerce After the Pandemic?

2020’s global pandemic prompted radical change within the e-commerce community. As the virus spread throughout the world, people continued to limit their exposure out of their homes. This meant finding new ways to shop for your family’s groceries and necessities. While people were quarantined to their homes, they looked to the internet to safely purchase…


What is Cart Rover?

Cart Rover is a technology company that specializes in software integrations. Software integration is the process of combining multiple types of software systems together, so they can fuse, creating one unified system. This type of integration is important because it bridges the gap between various systems, and permits them to come together and work as a whole.…


What is a Fulfillment Center?

A fulfillment center is a location that a business hires to outsource their order fulfillment. This third-party logistics (3PL) provider fulfills the orders placed by customers and big box stores from the business. Fulfillment centers tend to be larger in scale than typical warehouse centers individual businesses may rent for inventory storage. Fulfillment centers are also much…

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Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment: How Collaborating with a 3PL can Ship You Off to Success

Quality equals success—and the quality of your order fulfillment service will determine how successful you are as a distributor.             In today’s world of digital interconnectedness, consumers have proven themselves to be a regnant entity with just a few swipes and clicks. Looking for experiences that outperform the next, they are constantly opening windows to greater…

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What is Omnichannel Distribution?

If you haven’t noticed or had simply become too accustomed to this new form of distribution, over the past several years customer demands have evolved drastically from what they once were–with no plans of going back (unless it’s the USPS of course). Gone are the days when visiting a physical store was the only way…


USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx – Which Courier is Best in 2021?

Many retailers face challenging dilemmas when it comes to shipping their products. With three major shipping companies to select from––each offering distinct and contrasting priority mail and flat-rate options––choosing which service to utilize for your shipments can be more of a back and forth venture than the actual shipments themselves will be. Luckily, for you…