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 Find an Etsy Fulfillment Center

Etsy order fulfillment is left entirely up to the seller. Outside fulfillment operations can free more time for you to work on your orders, improve your craft, and grow your business at the top without being bogged down by everyday logistics.

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How to Set Up a Warehouse for Pick and Pack

If you run a business that fulfills online orders, you will need a warehouse for storage. And if you have a warehouse, you need to design a workflow and organize your inventory to efficiently fulfill orders. A popular way to set up a warehouse is using a pick and pack philosophy, learn more here.

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Choose a 3PL that owns their trucks & drayage

With their own trucks, your 3PL can ensure that your goods are transported in a timely, reliable manner whereas other 3PLs may be fighting amongst themselves to secure drayage for you, the client.


 How to Find a Shopify Fulfillment Partner

Shopify, just like some other large eCommerce companies, can provide multiple fulfillment options to their clients. Outside fulfillment operations, like Shopify, will free more time for you to grow your business at the top without being bogged down by everyday logistics.

What to Look for In a Fulfillment Center?

What to Look for In a Fulfillment Center?

A fulfillment center is a location where an assortment of products from an assortment of companies are packaged and shipped. These centers are owned by fulfillment companies who will essentially take over the role of fulfilling orders to the customers of the companies that hire them.

What Are Your Amazon Fulfillment Options?

What Are Your Amazon Fulfillment Options?

With this article, we hope to highlight those differences and help you see what your fulfillment options are when it comes to Amazon. If you are looking for a 3PL partner for Amazon orders, consider NextGen3PL.

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What is Pick & Pack Fulfillment?

Pick and pack fulfillment is a common term used in eCommerce fulfillment warehouses to describe the process of packing and shipping merchandise and inventory from warehouse shelves for merchants.

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Why Consider an eBay Fulfillment Partner

Working with an eBay fulfillment partner saves you time, money, and effort and allows you to focus on expanding your business even further. When you partner with our experts at NextGen3PL, you can rest assured that your products are in safe hands.

NextGen3PL Kitting and Fulfillment Services

3PL Kitting & the Costs Associated

Kitting is a common service used in the eCommerce world that involves combining individual parts of a product or service and putting them all together and shipping them as a single bundle. Choose NextGen3PL as Your Kitting Partner Today!

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What is EDI in Logistics?

Although the basic concept of EDI stays the same throughout every concrete definition, there are different ways EDI can be seen in logistics based on what exactly you are using it for. Read more here.