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Partnering with Cart Rover now makes your shopping cart setup quick and easy.

NextGen is a partner with Cart Rover. Cart Rover is a technology company that specializes in order management software integrations. Software integrations are the process of fusing various types of software systems together so they can come together and create a single unified system. This is important as it bridges the gap between multiple software systems and permits them to come together to work as a whole. Specifically, Cart rover works with NextGen by passing data and orders between order sources and the warehouse management system. Our systems integrate to ensure quality order management and eCommerce fulfillment.

Cart rover has 100+ Ecommerce Integrations 30+ EDI Retail Partners, and millions of orders.

About CartRover

The CartRover team is dedicated to making efficient, simple, and cost-effective eCommerce integrations. It’s all they do!

The eCommerce market is constantly growing due to its convenience for businesses and customers alike. Due to its constant growth, businesses need to find ways to update their managing systems in order to provide customers with the best service, while being able to keep track of their inventory and increasing sales. NextGen 3PL and Cart Rover provide businesses with the software integrations to be able to manage orders and shipping coming from multiple areas, all in one system. While Cart Rover provides the software to track orders throughout the origination and throughout the delivery cycle, NextGen provides the inventory management and shipping management side of these order fulfilments.

Cart Rover focuses on the order management side of eCommerce fulfillment. Order management in an e-commerce fulfillment is the back-end process system for online orders. Cart Rover passes order, inventory, and shipment data between order sources and NextGen 3PL. After Cart Rover downloads orders from each shopping cart, they are then passed to NextGen 3PL where details on inventory and shipping can be found. This information on inventory and shipping will then be available to customers in the shopping cart.

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CartRover and NextGen3PL

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Up To Date Tracking Notifications

Having NextGen 3PL and Cart Rover integrated provides businesses with real-time tracking information. This is important for businesses as they can keep track of customers’ shopping carts and sales channels. Having your order and shipping management systems integrated makes the packing and shipping process to your customers run smoothly, which can contribute to customers returning to your business and purchasing from you again.

Order Management:

These two systems together are able to accurately handle orders across a variety of platforms. They work together to keep inventory and shipping details up to date in the customer’s shopping cart. Similarly, businesses are able to have an up-to-date status of their inventory and sales so they can track their increasing sales and what products are selling.

Benefits of NextGen 3PL and Cart Rover to consumers:

Along with benefits to e-commerce businesses, NextGen 3PL and Cart Rover can create a better environment for consumers as well.

Reducing Human Errors:

With NextGen 3PL and Cart Rovers systems integrated, there is much less room for human errors. These systems work seamlessly together to ensure accurate shipping and inventory data, customer information, and basic order information. By working together they reduce the likelihood of orders being mispackaged or misplaced. Efficiency and accuracy are necessary when ensuring a timely turnaround on all eCommerce orders.

Accuracy on Inventory

These two systems create an accurate platform for customers to have an up to date details on the items they are purchasing. These details can include how many of an item is in stock, general information of that item such as the size or weight, and shipping information on that item. It is important for customers to have up to date inventory information so they can know when an item they may want to purchase is in stock, If your information is not up to date, customers will always think what they are looking for is never in stock and will then look to other places to try to purchase it. Accurate inventory information makes it convenient for customers to continue to purchase from you.

Delivery & Integration

Similar to how NextGen 3PL and Cart Rover provide accurate delivery updates to businesses, they do for customers as well. A very important quality in online shopping for customers is delivery updates and notifications.

Everyone always wants to know when their package will arrive and how long it will take to arrive. Current and quick delivery updates help provide customers with the satisfaction of knowing their package is on its way. Quick and accurate delivery updates can also impact your customer’s experience with your business.

If they are satisfied with their purchase and how it was shipped and delivered, they are more likely to buy from you again, therefore increasing your sales. NextGen and Cart Roven will ensure up-to-date and speedy delivery updates to both businesses and their customers.

NextGen 3PL and Cart Rover combine their systems seamlessly together to create the best platform for your business. They work together to ensure quality eCommerce fulfillment. NextGen 3PL manages inventory, shipping, and delivery information that is key for maintaining a growing business.

Quick and real-time updates allow both businesses and customers to see the current inventory status of products they might be interested in purchasing. Cart Rover takes this inventory information and keeps it up to date in customers’ shopping carts to provide them with the most accurate information on their purchases. Shipping and delivery notifications are also kept up to date so customers are able to track their packages along the way. Accurate shipping and delivery information is essential for ensuring customers return to your business and continue to make purchases.

NextGen 3PL and Cart rover work together to create a smooth platform for your business when it comes to eCommerce fulfillment. This partnership provides your business with accurate and quality software it needs to continue to grow and increase your sale


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