NextGen3PL is an eCommerce fulfillment company that specializes in eCommerce distribution. An eCommerce distribution center is a place where businesses’ inventory and merchandise are stored and then shipped to their customers. NextGen3PL also provides services on:

  • Kitting
  • Trucking and Drayage
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Back Office
  • Storage & more!



NextGen3PL offers kitting as one of our services. Kitting is the overall term that describes the service of combining various single items into a single unit for sale. This is useful for eCommerce businesses especially because it provides them the opportunity to do more using the merchandise in their inventory.

Retail Distribution

Retail Distribution is the overall term for systematic distribution via online retailers, marketplaces, third-party retailers, and direct sales.

Back Office

NextGen3PL’s software acts as a back office for your business. This essentially means you are able to access and edit information such as orders, shipping, and stock levels anytime you want. This is important to tour a business as it lets you see in real-time how your business is growing.

Freight Forwarding

We look at your freight and figure out the dimensional weight if it applies, and plan a shipping solution for you. Shipping international, or heavyweight oversized items, or lightweight under a pound package? We design a shipping solution that is right for you.


Our Warehouse Locations

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