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NextGen3PL is an eCommerce fulfillment company that specializes in eCommerce distribution. An eCommerce distribution center is a place where businesses’ inventory and merchandise are stored and then shipped to their customers. NextGen3PL also provides services on:

- Kitting

- Picking and Packing

- eBay Fulfillment

- Trucking and Drayage
- Freight Forwarding
- Back Office
- Storage & more!










NEXTGEN3PL provides services in retail distribution.

Retail Distribution is the overall term for systematic distribution via online retailers, marketplaces, third-party retailers, and direct sales.


NEXTGEN3PL provides services in kitting.

NextGen3PL offers kitting as one of our services. Kitting is the overall term that describes the service of combining various single items into a single unit for sale. This is useful for eCommerce businesses especially because it provides them the opportunity to do more using the merchandise in their inventory.


NEXTGEN3PL specializes in freight forwarding.

NextGen3PL specializes in freight forwarding, which is the management or shipments for individuals or businesses to get the product from the manufacturer to then sell on the market, to customers, or whatever final destination.


NEXTGEN3PL provides services out of our back offices

NextGen3PL’s software acts as a back office for your business. This essentially means you are able to access and edit information such as orders, shipping, and stock levels anytime you want. This is important to tour business as it lets you see in real-time how your business is growing.


NEXTGEN3PL provides services in trucking and drayage.

Trucking & Drayage is a necessary step for eCommerce fulfillment as it keeps product and inventory constantly moving. Similarly, the short distance involved in drayage helps create faster shipping times for customers and quicker inventory restock for businesses.


NEXTGEN3PL provides services in storage.

Inventory should never sit in storage for more than a month or so as that is product the business should be selling and shipping to customers. Storing inventory for long also means higher storage fees for the business, which can take away unnecessary profit from their sales. NextGen3PL is focused on storing inventory until it is ready to be shipped. We are efficient in a quick turn around so we are able to meet customers’ expectations on quick shipping.

Drop Shipping with NextGen3PL

  • Dropshipping is very easy for new eCommerce businesses. It alleviates some stress off the business as they don’t have to deal with the product directly. It also takes away some of the fees included with other models of shipping such as warehouse fees, packing and shipping orders, tracking returns, and handling inventory stock level.
  • Less capital is required in dropshipping. A new eCommerce business won’t have to invest thousands of dollars to purchase inventory. Product is only needed to be purchased after it is bought by the customer. There is overall less risk for your eCommerce business with the dropshipping model.
  • It allows your business to have a flexible location. You are able to run your business just about anywhere where you are able to have an internet connection.
  • You will have a wider variety of products to sell. Due to the fact you don’t have to purchase thousands of dollars on inventory upfront, this leaves room for your business to expand the products you might want to sell. This also makes it easier for your business to test products and how well they might sell. You don’t have to worry about purchasing units of product and them never selling and sitting in a warehouse forever.

Back Office with NextGen3PL

Next Gen Computer

NextGen3PL is an eCommerce fulfillment company that specializes in eCommerce distribution. We provide many services that will help your business grow while alleviating some stress of handling inventory and shipping. NextGen3PL specializes in retail distribution. In this, we are able to manage inventory shipping and receiving. By Trucking and Drayage and Freight Forwarding services we are able to transport products efficiently and in a short time. This means the product will always be moving and delivered in a timely manner to the customers. NextGen3PL also uses drop shipping to send out their orders. We act as a third party who ships inventory after it has been purchased, directly to the customer. This means your business doesn’t have to worry about keeping products in inventory. NextGen3PL also specializes in Kitting, which can create more profits for your business as it promotes subscriptions, buy one get one deal, and gift sets. This can also increase your sales and customers will see how products work well together. Lastly, NetGen’s software allows your business to see up-to-date information regarding orders, shipping, and inventory, keeping your business up with your current sales.