SEKO Logistics will announce the acquisition of Pixior, LLC. (Pixior), a leading 3PL and fulfillment services provider based in Commerce, CA. With seven locations along the West Coast, and one location in Connecticut, Pixior has become the region’s premier provider of ecommerce fulfillment and retail services, with an emphasis on serving high-end fashion brands.

“With the acquisition of Pixior, we crystallize our industry leadership in end-to-end logistics solutions and take a significant leap forward in our fulfillment capabilities in the US,” said James Gagne, CEO of SEKO Logistics. “We are operating on a strong growth trajectory and looking for opportunities that allow the company to continue to move at the speed of commerce from anywhere in the world.

“Yassine Amallal, CEO of Pixior. “We admire (SEKO’s) global reputation of being a no-nonsense, hands-on and reliable provider of first-class logistics solutions, just like us. Plus, with their global operations, there is no limit to our customers’ growth potential.”

Pixior Global Logistics is Adding Another Warehouse - Ecommerce at its Best!


Pixior is expanding both on the East Coast and West Coast. On top of our Milford, CT expansion from 135k to 200k SQFT, Pixior is launching in Cranberry, NJ with an additional 200k SQFT! 

Our Milford, CT space is set to launch a new and totally dedicated layout focused on Ecommerce Pick and Pack. What our New Cranberry, NJ facility is set to launch just 35 miles from the Port of NJ.

Pixior is launching in Cranberry, NJ. with 200k SQFT of space! Call us today to discuss. See our new location 400k SQFT racked and ready for Ecommerce.