How to Design Cosmetic Packaging for the Best Shipping Results

Introduction to Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging refers to the packaging that is used to store, and ship beauty products, such as makeup, and other beautifying items. Being in the beauty and makeup industry is not easy in the slightest. There are tons of companies out there that are all competing to do the same thing, sell makeup. Good packaging can not only make a huge impression on your customers that are looking for unique brands, but it can also assist in the actual physical shipping process, which will ensure that your packages make it to your customers in the intended condition every time. Finding and designing the right packaging for your cosmetic items can be difficult, finding a health and beauty fulfillment center can be even more challenging, let’s break it down further.

Selecting a Package Type

package types

This is where every company should start when looking to design cosmetic packaging that works for them. The type of packaging you go for will ultimately have an effect on many aspects of your business. The thing you should have in mind at the start is selecting a packaging type that will make it easier for a fulfillment company to pick, pack and ship the product. Basically, you want to have packaging that is easy to pick up and store for the company that you have tasked to store your products, which most ecommerce businesses tend to do. Having packaging that is easy to maneuver will make the entire process go by faster and cheaper for all that are involved. You also want packaging that will survive the trip from the fulfillment center to the customer. Even if the fulfillment center performs their job with precision and care, the second it reaches the shipper, everything could very easily become much rougher for your product. You need packaging that can handle the potentially dangerous journey from warehouse to customer. In total, for the sake of assisting both your pick and pack partner, and your customers, you need strong, reliable packaging, but that’s not the only piece of the puzzle we need to observe.

Selecting a Color

color palette

The next thing for you to bear in mind when designing and selecting packaging is the actual color of it. Colors have effects on customers and can easily affect their decision on if they should spend their money on your product instead of the thousands of others at their disposal, especially in the cosmetic industry. When you’re selling something meant to be cosmetic, then you need to appear as though you understand cosmetics, your packaging will reflect that with its main color. If it’s not something appealing to the eye, and it does not reflect the product that it houses, then a customer will simply not want it. The color will also impact the mood that your product reflects and will affect the demographic that you will reach. Don’t expect dull, and dark colors to reach customers that are looking for something exciting. That principle goes both ways as well. Don’t expect over the top bright colors to reach those looking for a more conservative product. This idea extends beyond just color as well. The color is one of many different things you need to consider when designing packaging.

Selecting a Design

Design Options

After you’ve figured out your packaging type, and the general color layout of your product, you need to begin looking at what design will actually appear on your packaging. This process is much more personalized and will vary depending on what you’re trying to sell, and what kinds of people you’re looking to appeal to. Do you want your product to give the vibe that it’s fun, and bubbly? Do you want it to be sophisticated and put together? Do you want it to be over the top or muted? These are all things you will ultimately need to decide for yourself during the packaging design process, but you will also need to physically design the package. Basically, you will need to ensure that the actual shape of your packaging is giving off the vibe that you want as well, and that will take time. Does my package show exactly what I’m selling? Is it too complex? Too simple? These are all things you need to ask yourself during the design process, and, with all of this in mind, you may end up with exactly what you want.


The only person who really understands your packaging and design needs is you. You will start to know your product and business better as you begin the design process, and you will likely gravitate toward exactly what you need for your product. It is important to bear in mind how a health and wellness fulfillment center will be able to handle your product, if you plan to work with one, which will be yet another decision for you and your business. With all of this in mind, design the cosmetic packaging that speaks to you, and in time you will find an audience for the product that you intend to sell to your customers.