What is Cart Rover?

Cart Rover is a technology company that specializes in software integrations. Software integration is the process of combining multiple types of software systems together, so they can fuse, creating one unified system. This type of integration is important because it bridges the gap between various systems, and permits them to come together and work as a whole. Cart Rover concentrates on e-commerce integrations. Having these separate systems operating independently means they are isolated from one another, lacking the communication needed to succeed. Specifically, Cart Rover focuses on order management integrations, passing data between your order sources and warehouse management system (WMS). Cart Rover integrates these systems to seamlessly work together.


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What does Cart Rover do in e-commerce order management?

Cart Rover specializes in order management integration. Order management in an e-commerce setting is the back-end process system for online orders and there are many to choose from. Cart Rover passes order, inventory, and shipment data between order sources and your warehouse management system. First, Cart Rover downloads orders from each shopping cart. Then this is delivered to your warehouse management system where details on shipment information, such as tracking, and inventory levels are downloaded. The information from the warehouse management system is then uploaded to the shopping cart.

While the e-commerce market is constantly growing due to the significant convenience it provides for customers, retailers need to continue to find new ways to update their managing systems. Traditionally, order management used enterprise resource planning (ERP) and spreadsheets to track their orders, but as the e-commerce market continues to grow, new means of management are needed to keep track of the growth of orders. E-commerce order management systems such as Cart Rover provides merchants with the necessary technology to manage orders coming from multiple areas, while facilitating communication between service providers through a single unified integration system. Cart Rover is an efficient order management technology company that tracks orders from their origination and all throughout the order and delivery cycle.

Benefits of Cart Rover to merchants:

Integrating your e-commerce order management systems come along with many benefits. Some of the biggest benefits Cart Rover offers are:

Tracking Notifications: Having your e-commerce systems integrated can automatically inform online merchants tracking information on shopping carts and sales channels. Although some shopping carts cannot handle this, Cart Rover provides this integration to appropriate shopping carts and sales channels that support this technology.

Reduce Human Errors: With systems integrated, there is no need to manually enter orders, shipping data, customer information, and inventory. This automatically reduces the likelihood of human errors, contributing to overall efficiency and accuracy.

Quick Updates: Combining your e-commerce managing systems allows for a quicker updating process between these systems. This can include updates in general order and shipping information.

Online Orders: These combined systems can easily handle increases in orders throughout various systems without having to constantly update or change platforms.

Benefits of Cart Rover to consumers:

Along with benefits to e-commerce merchants, integrating your systems can create a better environment for consumers as well.

Item Accuracy: Information regarding the items, such as shipping and tracking information will be more accessible and accurate for customers, contributing to customer satisfaction.

Delivery Notifications: Similar to how integrated systems benefit retailers, these systems can notify customers when their package has shipped and been delivered to the desired location. Customers can also more accurately track their packages throughout the shipment process.

Cart Rover seamlessly and affordability integrate your software systems to create one unified network. Cart Rover specializes in order management integration and can manage orders, inventory, and shipping data across all systems. Bypassing order information to your warehouse management systems and then shipment information to your shopping cart, Cart Rover harmoniously combines this software and allows it to communicate together as a single system.