How Does 3PL Work with NextGen3PL?

NextGen3PL (the east coast subsidiary of Pixior) is a 3PL Logistics company. It’s a 3PL for providing fulfillment for eCommerce, storage, and warehousing for e-commerce. NextGen3PL has reduced shipping rates and we are certified as an Amazon Prime Fulfillment Center. NextGen3PL utilizes complex software to pick inventory for distribution and create efficiencies for shipping with all of the National carriers. We can provide bicoastal distribution combined with our own distribution trucking network for picking up freight and delivering on time.

If you are in the stages of searching for a 3PL partner for the first time or looking to change service providers NextGen3PL is here to help. Below are some services offered to help your business meet demand in an efficient fashion when working with NextGen3PL as your partner.

Warehouse Technology

3PL Warehousing

Your business may have run into some problems with the other 3PL warehouse services, such as lack of visibility, lost items, delay logging inventory, and less than stellar customer support. With NextGen3PL Warehousing, you will never be left in the dark with your business. Once your items arrive at our warehouse, we will process them and put them on the inventory shelves with our modern warehouse management system (WMS), so you can get access to your inventory at any time you want. All inventory stock is updated in real-time.

3PL Fulfillment

When you have an e-commerce business, getting your product to your customer as promised and on time is the only thing that matters. You can trust our professional 3PL fulfillment service for supporting your business needs because we are backed by one of the most powerful names in the industry, Pixior. With our parent company’s vast and established network, we can guarantee that you can get access to our same-day fulfillment service with the best and most accurate system on every order. We use advanced applications and software that can provide an automated API integration system with your online store. You don’t need to email or upload your orders. Our automatic system is designed to make our 3PL fulfillment accurate and effortless.

All orders that you have from your online store will be picked, packed, and shipped out on schedule, sometimes as little as a few hours. As long as your order is made under our transparent cut-off time, your items can be delivered to your customers as soon as possible. Your customers will love seeing the subject line in their inbox “Your Order Has Been Shipped” and become loyal brand users because of the dependency we provide.

3PL Shipping

We are not only responsible for shipping your items to your customers. We will also provide the best tracking information for your customers. We have a real-time update for all tracking information critical to your customer and your business. This information will be available for you and your staff, so you can monitor the shipping process to your customers’ addresses. We will optimize the packaging of your items to avoid the negative impact of the dimensional weight pricing.

Distribution Trucking

Another benefit that we can offer for our customers is our distribution trucking network. This network allows us to pick up the freight efficiently and on our terms. When you need to have quick fulfillment and delivery service for your online store, you can count on NextGen3PL.

NextGen3PL is set to be one of the most popular 3PL logistics companies on the east coast and in the United States in 2020 and beyond. We can provide a fulfillment service for your eCommerce store with an unmatched personal touch. Our company is also certified as an Amazon Prime Fulfillment Center. This asset and achievement shows the overall quality, performance, and expertise of our company. Our unique process can be used to create maximum efficiency for shipping any size, quantity, and value.

Contact us today for learning more about our 3PL logistics services today.